consulting | systems design and implementation

CACCESS creates custom client-based solutions of capture/access technologies in a variety of settings. CACCESS streamlines the design and implementation process by coordinating the effort with all relevant stakeholders, the technology integrator and others. We work in lecture halls, performance venues, and worship spaces. In 2006, CACCESS began a multi-year contract to replace/upgrade the media infrastructure of Duke Chapel. Our process brought the primary media staff and University stakeholders together to determine the requirements for the new media infrastructure. KONTEK Systems, the long time integrator for the Chapel, designed and implemented a complete production package. Working with The Century Guild who specialize in one of a kind furniture for various settings, we came up with a different location in the Nave for the new audio/video console and a new design for the video and audio staff to work side by side. We added a broadcast codec to assure the best signal from the Chapel got to WDNC for the live radio broadcast each Sunday. By 2008, we transformed our three live program a week hospital cable channel into a 24x7 TV channel with continuously updated archive and live broadcasts of programs. That same year, CACCESS began one of the nation's first regular live broadcasts of worship on YouTube, streaming more than a thousand events since. Images on the feature slider above show the console production process.